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strawberry jam recipe
Strawberry Jam | Urban Eco

Strawberry Jam | Urban Eco “Quick and Tasty Strawberry Jams” – Amy’s in the kitchen making a recipe for Easy Strawberry Jam with Elaine Holton, a samba teacher and social…

mulled wine recipe
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Holiday Cheer with Mulled Wine | Urban Eco ‘Holiday Cheer’ – Gift giving, gift wrapping—even gift receiving—goes down a lot easier with homemade mulled wine. With this simple recipe, a…

En-Devers | San Diego City Beat

Home / Blogs / Urban Scout Handbook Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011 –Urban Scout Handbook En-Devers Local girl makes good (stuff) By Clea Hantman   This may be a stretch for…

Herb gardening Amy Devers
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Herb Gardening | Urban Eco ‘Herb Gardening’ – Do you dream of snipping your own fresh herbs to use in a recipe? Watch these quick tips on growing culinary herbs….

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First Look: Urban Eco – DIY Life Today we take a look at a new web series that’s all about living simply (with style). It’s definitely something we can get…

cork trivet diy Amy Devers
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Cork Crafts | Urban Eco ‘Cork Crafts’ – Have you been saving wine corks in hopes of doing something fun with them? Repurposing ideas for corks are everywhere: here’s how…