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Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011 –Urban Scout Handbook


Local girl makes good (stuff)

By Clea Hantman


Amy Devers rocks a face mask

Amy Devers rocks a face mask

This may be a stretch for this column, but bear with me. There is a shopping connection, I swear.

Amy Devers, former San Diegan and all-around awesome designer / builder / decorator / crafter / gardener is the current host of the A&E show Fix This Yard (and formerly of the shows Blog Cabin, DIY to the Rescue, Trading Spaces, Freeform Furniture, among others). Now she’s got a new online gig, hosting a web show called Urban Eco that’s sponsored by Whole Foods (see the shopping connection now?). I love the episode wherein she offers up multiple uses for your old corks (another prominent theme on this blog: alcohol).

You should watch this show while killing time at work and you can (or can’t) choose to follow it up with a shopping trip to Whole Foods. Other web shows on the Thrive network include 9.3 (global issues problem solving), Grow (gardening) Gluten Morgan (a gluten-free cooking show) andHungry for More (backgrounds on natural products). All are worth a watch.