• Clever - a podcast about design

Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m a storyteller, explorer and champion of creativity.

I love asking questions and learning new things. Curiosity and empathy are my tools of choice, and listening intently. My favorite thing in the world is having meaningful, illuminating and insightful conversations with creative people about their human experience.

My background and education is in art and design. I’m a firm believer that creativity is a super power, that we all have it, and that it can and should be nurtured, strengthened, supported and harnessed for the betterment of our collective future. I see myself as a champion of creativity. Champion, as in avid supporter and advocate.

As such, I created (with my partner-in-crime, Jaime Derringer) Clever, a podcast about design, in order to share the stories, learn from the experiences, and open our eyes and hearts to the passionate humans who are shaping the world around us. Each episode is a deep-dive, candid interview with an individual creative. I like to say it’s a window into the humanity behind design. My hope is that it helps to foster a more meaningful connection to the built world and acts as connective tissue among the creative community. But also, I believe that creative superheroes are deserving of the same cultural recognition afforded to pop stars, movie stars and famous chefs. So I created a platform to celebrate them – where they could tell their stories in depth, in their own words and voices.

In my career as an on-camera TV host, I have travelled the world interviewing our most renowned designers and architects, explored our most creative cities, and sampled food from exotic locales. I’ve “fixed” yards, and houses and designed and built furniture, step-by-step. Very hands on. I’ve been involved in more makeovers than I can even remember and I have had the joy of  instigating many lightbulb moments.

I have won an Emmy.

All of this experience adds up to a deep appreciation of the craft of storytelling and a burning desire to tell gritty, authentic stories about all manner of human ingenuity. I am hell-bent on using the power of popular media to expand our cultural understanding of design. That’s me. That’s what I’m into.

I’m always looking for like-minded collaborators, mentors and partners. If you want to explore an opportunity to work together, by all means, get in touch.

Oh, and it’s Devers (Deh-verz) – rhymes with forevers and whatevers.


Amy Devers is an artist, designer, maker, host/producer of design-related media, and Emmy Award-winning television personality.

A book smarts + street smarts double threat; Devers is armed with both formal education and practical hands-on experience. She holds an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, has done a major stint as a chief prototype fabricator and machine shop foreman, and has spent years as an independent designer/builder of furniture, art and interiors. A fine artist as well as a designer, she has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums. 

She’s also made a name for herself on the small screen, demonstrating her skills and know-how as the host of several television series dealing with topics ranging from home-improvement to international design, architecture, culture and food. 

She has been seen constructing her original furniture designs on DIY’s Freeform Furniture, building a viewer-spec’d log cabin on DIY’s Blog Cabin, carpenter-ing outrageous makeovers on TLC’s hit Trading Spaces, and traveling the globe profiling the world’s leading designers and architects on Ovation’s Designer People.

She has also been seen as the host and designer on A&E’s popular landscape makeover show, Fix This Yard, and design/building solutions for deserving families on OWN’s Emmy Award-winning Home Made Simple.

Active in the global design community, she travels the world as a Keynote speaker, design juror, panel moderator, and guest critic and lecturer at academic institutions.

In 2016 Devers launched Clever, a podcast about design. Consistently in iTunes’ top design podcasts, Devers and her co-host, Jaime Derringer, offer a window into the humanity behind the design that shapes our world through candid and revealing conversations with leading creatives from all disciplines.

Click here to see a collection of videos of my work on TV.