DIY Life Urban EcoFirst Look: Urban Eco – DIY Life

Today we take a look at a new web series that’s all about living simply (with style). It’s definitely something we can get behind…especially this episode, which shows the many ways you can re-use corks.

Urban Eco – Ep. 2 “Cork Crafts”Urban Eco is a new series hosted by DIY darling Amy Devers. (You might know her as the unusually stylish carpenter on Trading Spaces.) It profiles the DIY life from a more stylish perspective, covering everything from sustainable city living to creative upcycling ideas. This episode features the latter, with an easy project featuring corks. And we mean easy: The whole project takes less than 10 minutes to do and costs about $2 to create.What else is noteworthy about Urban Eco is that the show is part of Thrive, a new online network from Whole Foods Market. The web network (would that be ‘webwork?’) will focus on programming that connects global health to personal well-being. Think shows about sustainable gardening, healthy recipes and more. We’re excited to see…will you tune in?