Nesting Tables - Acrylic, Wenge veneer, Plywood
Sawing logs at the table saw on Freeform Furniture
The Freeform Furniture workshop - view from above
Bandsawing a plywood template
Flush-trimming solid surface material with a router
Bending sheet metal for an entertainment center
An end table gets a Wenge veneer on Freeform Furniture
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Freeform Furniture | DIY Network

On DIY’s Freeform Furniture, furniture designer Amy Devers illustrates her techniques for designing and building imaginative, functional pieces of contemporary furniture. You can follow Amy’s steps for making projects of wood, metal, laminate, plastic and glass to achieve the sleek, fluid lines that characterize modern furniture design. This is a series where form is every bit as important as function.

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TV Series

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Amy Devers
DIY Network
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