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In this excerpt of Designer People, host and designer Amy Devers showcases the work and personality of the legendary fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. Zandra Rhodes has designed clothes since the late 60s when she first set up a modest shop in London.  Her garments rose to prominence and defined England’s fashion scene in the 70s, a time when British punk rock attitudes dominated.  Zandra’s clothing exemplified that attitude – bold, bright and defiant.  Since the 70s, Rhodes has gone on to design for Princess Diana, the Olsen Twins, and the ladies of Sex and the City.

Behind the Scenes Peek into Zandra Rhodes’ Studio:

I interviewed Zandra in both London and San Diego. She’s a lovely and lively spirit. I sorta fell in love with her instantly. Her attitude is inspiring and her punk rock ethos really resonates with me. I was fortunate enough to snap a few photos of her being her in her So Cal studio. Here’s a glimpse of a few moments in the life of an icon…

Zandra Rhodes in her studio

There’s never a colorless day in Zandra’s SoCal studio

Zandra Rhodes in her studio

In her studio Zandra is surrounded by bold color and pattern.

dress in Zandra Rhodes studio

One of the beautiful creations in Zandra’s studio.

Graphic cut-outs, pattern, texture and color... Zandra is a master at combining them all into pieces that are at once edgy and sophisticated.

Graphic cut-outs, pattern, texture and color… Zandra is a master at combining them all into pieces that are at once edgy and sophisticated.

Zandra Rhodes sketching

Sketching patterns is a key part of Zandra’s process

Zandra Rhodes and Designer People crew

Here with our Designer People crew. For a brief moment, I was able to see the world through Zandra’s (trademark) lenses.

p.s. If in London, please do visit the Fashion and Textile Museum founded by Zandra and housed in an artful building designed by Mexican architect Ricardo Legoretta.

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