Learn the story of naturally raised lamb, harvest crab and sea urchin off the California coast, chef Marian creates an artichoke appetizer.
Explore community supported rooftop gardens in Brooklyn and the Bronx, plant potatoes and leeks, make a garden-to-table rhubarb crisp.
Catch lobster and learn about the sustainability issues, harvesting seaweed to feed others, oyster farms and their critical role in helping preserve natural resources. Plant leeks and tomatoes, make a broccoli and crabmeat quiche.
TV Series

Victory Garden’s edibleFEAST | PBS

Hosted by Amy Devers, Victory Garden’s edibleFEAST is a fresh take on the long-running PBS series, The Victory Garden. Award winning film maker Daniel Klein takes viewers on an adventure that showcases the best in sustainable eating, alongside classic Victory Garden segments with Roger Swain in the garden and Marian Morash in the kitchen.


TV Series

Amy Devers
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