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In just about any neighborhood in America, you see it – that one run down house that’s totally overgrown and neglected with junk strewn everywhere.

FTY-lo-res-jacketThe neighbors’ patience is long gone and the house is officially the eyesore of the neighborhood, and even worse, it’s bringing down the neighborhood property values! There’s nothing left to do but turn in the offenders to the FIX THIS YARD™ Team. Enter hosts Amy Devers and Alan Luxmore. Together, this talented duo will completely renovate the yards and exteriors of needy homes. They’ll teach homeowners how to spend their money wisely on practical and easy techniques for updating and maintaining their yards. In just one weekend, they’ll boost the property value and turn the eyesore into the envy of the neighborhood! Fix This Yard… We’re knocking on your door next!

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Amy Devers - Host and Designer
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