Each year in Los Angeles thousands of kids are reported abused and neglected. Hollygrove programs gives kids a different perspective about life and helps them build hope for the future.

Endless Summer Therapeutic After School Program

Endless Summer, Hollygrove’s therapeutic after school program, provides after school services to children ages 6 to 13, three days a week in Los Angeles County. The program focuses on literacy and school achievement, healthy leisure and recreational activities, gang prevention, addiction prevention and awareness, social skills, problem solving skills, conflict resolution, appropriate expression of feelings and thoughts, stress and anger management and relationship building.

The goal of Endless Summer is to improve the child’s functioning at school, at home and in the community by teaching academic and life skills and providing a safe place to practice these skills as children transfer to other community settings.

The Endless Summer therapeutic after school program is provided in conjunction with parent support groups and classes.

Hollygrove LA is an EMQ FamiliesFirst agency. EMQ FamiliesFirst is a statewide nonprofit that helps children and families. The agency is one of the largest, most comprehensive mental health treatment programs in California. EMQ FamiliesFirst takes a state-of-the-art approach to children and adolescents with complex behavioral health challenges and helps them recover from trauma such as abuse, severe neglect, addiction and poverty. Our results for youth are on average 10 percentage points higher than state or national averages on metrics such as living at home, staying in school and remaining out of trouble.

To find resources, find out how you can help, or to make a donation please visit www.hollygrove.org and emqff.org


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