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DIY to the Rescue | DIY Network

Amy Devers tapeGot a home improvement project that you’ve botched time and time again or one that you started but can’t figure out how to finish? Let DIY to the Rescue show you how to do it right! Just when it seems hopeless, hosts Amy Devers and Karl Champley arrive to help homeowners finish their problem projects! So don’t worry…it’s DIY to the Rescue!

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In 2003 DIY network launched it’s popular flagship series, DIY to the Rescue, with Amy Devers and Karl Champley as hosts and home improvement experts.  The series ran for 9 seasons and produced over 100 episodes including several special episodes – Detroit Tigers’ spring training facility, historic Tampa Theatre, Grand Ole Opry dressing rooms, and a post-hurricane Katrina rebuild with Dr. Phil. The series is no longer in production but you can check out full episodes, project videos and more HERE.


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