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Lockheed Lounge Marc Newson

Lockheed Lounge by Marc Newson

In this excerpt from Designer People episode 15, host and designer Amy Devers sheds some light on the works and style of Australian born designer Marc Newson. He earned his name by designing furniture, but Newson has proven himself to be multifaceted. One of his first creations is also considered one of his most famous; the Lockheed Lounge. This lounge chair can only be described as a cushiony, silver, amorphous wonder that looks like an expanded drop of mercury on legs.

Zvezdochka Nike by Marc Newson

Zvezdochka shoes by Marc Newson for Nike

Newson has also designed the 021C concept car for Ford, a series of cookware for Tefal, the Zvezdochka sneaker for Nike, The Scope luggage collection for Samsonite, and the uniforms worn by the Australian Olympic team at the 2004 games in Atlanta.

With a list of accomplishments that reads like a tome at the tender age of 46, it is clear that Marc Newson will continue to be prolific and unpredictable for many years to come.

Marc Newson and Amy Devers

Marc Newson with Amy Devers in Paris on the set of ‘Designer People’


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