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Q: “Do you have any cool ideas or projects for really old interior solid core doors? My brother is renovating a house and he was throwing them out . . . “

A:  I a-door (sorry) old doors. Even when mightily repurposed they are still instantly recognizable. For all that history of service, letting good things in, and keeping bad things out, they deserve to have a place of honor in their afterlife. I’m glad you’re keeping them and planning to put them to good use. It’s what they would’ve wanted.

Upcycling old doors is a noble endeavor. Given their size, shape and heft, they are best suited to table-like applications, but that’s by no means the limit. Here are a few ideas off the top of my head:

1.  Asian style dining table: Put two doors together, edge to edge, top with glass and add a low base. Place pillows around for seats.

2. Home office alcove: Mount two doors perpendicular to a wall to create the sides of the alcove, or use one door and an existing wall. Span the width with a work surface at task height.  Add a desk chair   and you’ll be all set.

3. Coffee table: Cut equal sized pieces off of both the top and bottom of the door. Mount them perpendicularly to the underside as legs. Top with glass if desired.

4. Full length mirror mount that folds flat: Mount a door on hinges to a wall in a hallway or other small space. Mount a full-length mirror to one side. “Open” the door perpendicularly to the wall to expose the mirror; “close” it to stow the mirror and save space.

5. Wide fold-flat project/work table: Mount a glass surface to one side of the door―that will be the work surface. Mount the door sideways to the wall on hinges so that it can fold flat.  Secure with chains and eye hooks.

6. Headboard: Mount a door sideways and flat against a wall at headboard height. Consider making some upholstered panels to mount to the door’s panels for added luxury.

7. Cabinet doors: cut doors into smaller panels and use those panels as door fronts for cabinets or cubbies.

Hopefully some of these will get your gears turning. If you like any of these ideas let me know and I will elaborate on them in the next column. And by all means if you, dear readers, have some great door-upcycling ideas of your own, please share―I’d love to hear them!

Thanks and good luck!

-Amy Devers

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