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Hands On with Amy Devers: No Studs Needed

Hi Amy!

My dilemma is more difficult. We wanted to hang a pot rack, but found out the studs in our ceiling of our apartment aren’t wooden, they are steel or something, and we can’t drill into them. So now we have a pot rack we can’t hang up because the dry wall ceiling wont hold it. I don’t know how I could possibly adapt the rack to hang any other way.

Aha, your dilemma is actually easier to solve than you think! You’re right, the common wisdom is that you should always mount heavy pot racks directly into the ceiling joists and not just into the drywall, even with anchors, because it wont be strong enough to hold. But that is sooooo yesterday.

Toggler Snaptoggle anchorsThese amazing anchors change all that: Toggler brand SNAPTOGGLE Heavy Duty Toggle Bolts. They’re really easy to install, you just need a drill and a 1/2” drill bit, and if your pot rack didnt come with them, you’ll also need the appropriate hook or eye bolts for hanging. (Heres an installation video.) They can be installed into just the drywall, or if you like through the drywall and the metal stud. (You actually can drill through your metal studs, just make absolutely certain that its the stud you’re drilling through and not some electrical or duct work.) A snaptoggle and 5/8” thick drywall will hold about 200 pounds at each connection point. I dont know the make of your pot rack but I would recommend a minimum of two points of connection; four would be even safer if you have a ton of pots and pans, or if you plan to swing from it while swashbuckling.

If you’re skeptical, maybe it will help you to know that all Enclume brand pot racks come with Toggler Snaptoggles for installation. Shop for these anchors at Lowes, Home Depot, or order them online from MSC Industrial Supply Co. 

[image above via Heaps or Happiness]