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What was old becomes new again when the HMS team restores a selfless mother’s historic home to its former glory, featuring a one-of-a-kind wall mural, space saving desks, vibrantly painted chairs, and a coffee table that literally makes “cents.” Saturday 9a/8c on @OWNTV

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Thompson Family Room (After)


Tired of repeating yourself? Get your kids to follow your #Rules w/@KennethWingard #HomeMadeSimple wall decal to remember.

Easy to create DIY rugs, with the print of your choice! @amydevers with a custom creation #HomeMadeSimple this Saturday 9a/8c @OWNTV



Hey, there is a wall right where I want to put this table. No problem @amydevers creates a mirrored work station to maximize the space. Sat. 9a/8c @OWNTV



Save your pennies, they could add up to an awesome coffee table. Just my $0.02. #HomeMadeSimple



Turn your shadow into pillow art on #HomeMadeSimple w/@KennethWingards pillow silhouettes the entire family can make on Sat. 9a/8c @OWNTV