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Fancy city chicken
City Chicks | Urban Eco

City Chicks | Urban Eco Did you know that chickens make great pets? And fresh eggs from backyard chickens are loads healthier than typical grocery store eggs. In this episode…

earth day coffee
Reusing Coffee Grounds | Urban Eco

Reusing Coffee Grounds | Urban Eco It’s Earth Day and I’m on my second cup of coffee so I thought this was the perfect time to share this video of…

Homemade Ricotta
Homemade Ricotta | Urban Eco

Homemade Ricotta | Urban Eco Amy Devers teams up with expert cheese maker, Stefano Bruno of Di Stefano Cheese Co., to show you this quick and easy recipe for fresh…

strawberry jam recipe
Strawberry Jam | Urban Eco

Strawberry Jam | Urban Eco “Quick and Tasty Strawberry Jams” – Amy’s in the kitchen making a recipe for Easy Strawberry Jam with Elaine Holton, a samba teacher and social…

mulled wine recipe
Holiday Cheer with Mulled Wine | Urban Eco

Holiday Cheer with Mulled Wine | Urban Eco ‘Holiday Cheer’ – Gift giving, gift wrapping—even gift receiving—goes down a lot easier with homemade mulled wine. With this simple recipe, a…

Upscaling Tchotchkes Urban Eco
Upscaling Tchotchkes | Urban Eco

Upscaling Tchotchkes | Urban Eco ‘Upscaling Tchotchkes’ – If you’ve got tchotchkes sitting around collecting dust, this show’s for you. Here’s a quick way to upscale a kitschy bowl into…

Herb gardening Amy Devers
Herb Gardening | Urban Eco

Herb Gardening | Urban Eco ‘Herb Gardening’ – Do you dream of snipping your own fresh herbs to use in a recipe? Watch these quick tips on growing culinary herbs….

cork trivet diy Amy Devers
Cork Crafts | Urban Eco

Cork Crafts | Urban Eco ‘Cork Crafts’ – Have you been saving wine corks in hopes of doing something fun with them? Repurposing ideas for corks are everywhere: here’s how…