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Lifestyled… A-Door-ed | Modern Ink

image source: hlminteriordesign.com lifestyled . . . a-door-ed Q: “Do you have any cool ideas or projects for really old interior solid core doors? My brother is renovating a house…

Upscaling Tchotchkes | Urban Eco

Upscaling Tchotchkes | Urban Eco ‘Upscaling Tchotchkes’ – If you’ve got tchotchkes sitting around collecting dust, this show’s for you. Here’s a quick way to upscale a kitschy bowl into…

Herb gardening Amy Devers
Herb Gardening | Urban Eco

Herb Gardening | Urban Eco ‘Herb Gardening’ – Do you dream of snipping your own fresh herbs to use in a recipe? Watch these quick tips on growing culinary herbs….

cork trivet diy Amy Devers
Cork Crafts | Urban Eco

Cork Crafts | Urban Eco ‘Cork Crafts’ – Have you been saving wine corks in hopes of doing something fun with them? Repurposing ideas for corks are everywhere: here’s how…