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Amy Devers Lifestyled Modern inkQ: “I live in SW Florida and recently moved into a new home.  I have absolutely NO green thumb . . . what is a good plant that has color, is pretty, and can survive with minimal care IN constant sunlight?  Secondly, my yard is full of sand spurs. Have any suggestions as to HOW to get rid of them so I can let my pooches play outside without putting boots on them? ” ~Micky Rae


A. Ok, fortunately for me, but unfortunately for you, I have no experience with sand spurs. I’d like to keep my distance from them too, because those things are pure evil. For those who don’t know, sand spurs are an annual grass type of weed that produce a very spiky torture device seed pod that hitches a ride on anything it can in order to spread its reign of terror seed and reproduce. What makes them particularly diabolical is that they can hold on to bacteria from animal feces (and what not) and then inject it straight into your bloodstream when you accidentally step on one and get impaled by its tiny hypodermic needle-like spikes. They inflict their torture…..

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